3 Things All Agencies Should Ask Their Brands


By Mike Mitchell An agency attempts to court a brand: “May we have this dance?” If the brand accepts, both parties might then become nervous about stepping on each other’s toes. Here are some key questions all agencies should ask their brands at the starts of their relationships, to ensure they get off on the right foot.

1. Who Are You Talking To? Or, “To whom are you talking,” for the grammatical sticklers among us. Ask what demographic(s) comprise the target audience, and try to get specifics -- age, gender, occupation, geographic location, hobbies, interests, etc.

2. Who Are You Talking Like? If this brand’s voice were that of a particular person, who would that person be? Again, decide on age, gender, background, etc. Is there a celebrity who embodies this voice?

3. What Do You Want Your Audience to Feel? Every brand’s goals include getting more likes, comments, shares, and ultimately sales. But what differentiates one brand’s strategy from another’s is the answer to this question.

For example, OneStopPlus*, an online fashion mall for plus sizes, wants their audience to feel confident and secure, like they have an array of fashion options and are not limited in their style choices.

Another example: Goodbye Gluten*. What they sell is gluten-free bread and wraps, but what they want their audience to feel is that they have a place where their dietary needs are catered to, and where there’s a community of other people like them who can offer support -- and even recipes -- for their gluten-free lifestyle. The consumer-as-customer goes to the Goodbye Gluten website to buy bread, but the consumer-as-person visits the Goodbye Gluten Facebook page for solidarity. So, as a little exercise, consider a brand -- any brand -- and ask yourself these questions about them. And if you need to regroup with a standing client or begin the beautiful courtship of a new one, bring these questions to the table.

* Likeable client.