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By Keith Murray Times have changed from when we were younger. No longer is it the norm to call Mom or drop by your local clinic when you’re not feeling well. Now, more than ever, we're relying on the Internet for answers. 

With 41% of people saying social media would affect their choice of a specific doctor, hospital, or medical facility, as a health care brand, it is clearly important to create and maintain a social media presence. Social media is a two-way street and having a presence can help you hear what your current and potential patients are saying. 80% of 18-24 year olds are likely to use social media to share personal health information. Listening and engaging with these people can open a door to attract and retain patients.

The FDA has released draft social media guidelines, so it is time to really think about your social strategy. If this doesn’t get your social media heart pumping, check out these five key areas on potential missed opportunities.

Your consumers are your HEART. This includes patients and any HCPs that are associated with your brand. These two are driving the conversation on social media, and without a strong presence you won't be able to capitalize on this opportunity. This is the time to begin listening, engaging, and helping.

Your FUNNY BONE is crucial as it represents your content. It needs to be relevant, timely, and understandable. More and more people are relying on social media for accurate information; there is an opportunity for your brand to connect with your consumers the way they want you to.

The BUTTERFLIES in your stomach are legal concerns. These can include: privacy, security, and off-label claims but these concerns can be addressed with the help of privacy settings and filters on social media. Additionally, 41% of people are likely to share their information with doctors on social media making it easier for your brand to connect with your customers. The only thing stopping your brand is a proper social media infrastructure.

The TIBIA is commonly recognized as the strongest weight-bearing bone of the body. Your social media guidelines need to be just as strong to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. A proper social media infrastructure will have social media guidelines for your team, as well as your community. Everyone needs to be on the same page--having clear, distinct guidelines will facilitate this.

The last piece is the WISH BONE. 73% of online adults use social networking sites, but only half of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies engage on social media. The wish is to bring this all together--we’re here to help fulfill that wish.

Likeable Media recently launched Likeable Health, a health care-specific vertical to ensure all social media needs are met and regulations adhered to. Join our Likeable Health webinar on June 24th at 1:00 pm EDT for an inside peek on the social media opportunities for your organization.

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Illustration by Danielle Eckert