Why Podcasting Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy


By Jo Hague As a podcast producer, I can truthfully say that podcasting is a strong trend! This year, approximately 39 million Americans will listen to podcasts each month, with 1 in 5 weekly podcast users consuming 6 or more podcasts per week. Furthermore, the use of podcasting has reached a new high with 30% of people saying that they have ever listened to a podcast compared to 11% in 2006 (according to The Infinite Dial 2014 from Edison Research). Need more convincing as to why you should be podcasting? Here are 4 more reasons it makes sense for your marketing strategy.

1. It’s low cost and time efficient. The ideal length of recording is a typical commute, 20-30 minutes. Research/preparation time varies depending on the format of the show you’re hoping to achieve. If you’re not confident with editing, work with a studio professional because you want to ensure the best possible audio quality. Podcast costs in New York can start at $100 per show. If you’re looking for a highly polished finished and service with radio-quality results, expect to pay approximately $350 per episode.

2. It provides an easy way to generate content. Different people consume content in different ways, so getting your message out there in less traditional forms is important. Not only will you get audio content from the show, but you can also use this detail to create quick-turn-around pieces such as infographics, written articles, email marketing, social media content, and eBooks.

3. Speak to industry experts and thought-leaders. Target these individuals using insightful conversations with guests they'd want to hear from.  To convince guests to join you, tell them there is zero preparation for your show, highlight that it will only take 20-30 minutes, and give them the option to be recorded over phone or Skype. This can be the way to build lasting personal and business relationships that can drive sales and lead to increased profitability for your company.

4. Build your personal brand. Assert yourself as a professional within your field and demonstrate this to your consumers and potential new target audience. Share what you know, help others, and give listeners a reason to keep coming back. Hefty download numbers can also catch the attention of advertisers, eager for client exposure time on your show (with possible remuneration that could cover production costs).

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