5 Brands Successfully Using Twitter GIFs

Gif Header

It’s been 19 days since Twitter announced that it now supports GIFs, and during that time, brands everywhere have scrambled to put together an introductory looping-image to show their excitement. But where are we now? Following an initial wave of GIF-mania, it appears most brands have settled back into their comfort zones (text and still images).  Last week, our very own Angela Kuo sought to educate social media marketers on the glory of animated GIFs. Now let’s take a look at five brands that know how to successfully use GIFs on Twitter.

E! Online

E! Online certainly has an advantage when it comes to subject matter; the internet is chock-full of celebrity GIFs from many of its own programs. E! Online has a lot of fun using these creatively as conversational responses and article lead-ins.


SB Nation Gif

Back in 2012, SB Nation created an entirely new Twitter account to showcase short-format sports highlights. In the past, most of these posts have been Vines, but now Twitter’s capabilities have finally caught up. If you’re looking for a GIF of Joey Chestnut winning his 8th consecutive Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, look no further.


The Denny’s Twitter account appears to be maintained by a hyper-patriotic teenage girl in the midst of a pretty savage sugar high--but this girl is also in touch with her creative side. Along with some nifty ASCII art portraits, Denny’s tweets GIFs that are topical, on-brand, and colorful.



Samsung showcases its tech savvy by tweeting in a variety of formats that include embedded YouTube clips, Vines, and GIFs. The GIFs are properly sized to Twitter’s in-stream image display ratio (2:1) and usually instructional. We definitely appreciate the tips.


Bud Light

We knew the ubiquitous Bud Light had to get a piece of the action. When it comes to marketing, this beer purveyor is #UpForWhatever, including simple, product-driven GIFs.