3 TV Shows Doing Social Media the Right Way


By Jessica Chen It’s no secret that social media is the key to success in our modern age; the digital sphere is one in which participation is vital to making sure a brand stays relevant. However, the standard, run-of-the-mill content and engagement combination is not enough to stand out -- an innovative campaign is needed to showcase your brand properly.

Want to know how to integrate social media the right way? Here are 3 television shows to watch for pointers.

1. The Voice

Why do we choose to indulge in The Voice rather than any of the other singing competition shows? It’s partially because of the ridiculously entertaining judges, yes, but also because of the epic “Voice Instant Save," which allows viewers to tweet to save one of the lowest-ranking contestants from elimination. The #voicesave generated tremendous buzz in the broadcast, integrated both types of media, and brought a unique audience to Twitter.

2. Scandal

This ABC show has been all the rage since its premiere three years ago, successfully creating a fan base of highly engaged community members. Scandal excels at cast live-tweeting, utilizing creative hashtags and promotions, and driving new viewers to the show with Twitter. The hashtag #scandalrecruitment set off a campaign giving 30 reasons others should watch the show. This was targeted to current fans, cleverly engaging two audiences simultaneously.

3. True Blood

One of the most well-developed marketing plans in the industry, the marketing campaign for True Blood is a four-part ongoing project. The online campaign features strategic blogger outreach and behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. HBO most excels in maintaining the True Blood image throughout multiple platforms: the show recently created a blog for one of the “newly-turned” vampires. Talk about creative!

Maintaining a successful television show brand isn't difficult -- great content and community management are enough to create a brand that is worth interacting with. However, in order to bring a brand’s presence from good to outstanding, it’s essential to think outside the box and introduce creative and strategic innovation for promotion.

What other television shows are doing social media the right way? Share your thoughts in the comments below!