Top 5 Reasons To Attend Social Fresh East


By Carrie Kerpen I'm so excited to be speaking at Social Fresh East this month, and I hope you'll consider attending, because this conference completely ROCKS. Here are the top five reasons I am sending my team down to this awesome event.

1. They're a fan of simplicity


There are no multiple tracks. There are no panels. No early sessions or late sessions. The sessions are short. Basically, these guys know everything you hate about other conferences, and they make sure they don't do that. They just focus on pure, useful, smart content. Which brings me to point #2:

2. The content is ON POINT


The sessions are designed to give you key, practical takeaways that you can implement for your organization TODAY. In fact, these speakers are really focused on making sure that YOU are receiving the most value from the experience. Perhaps that because....

3. It's not a boys club


In a world where you're lucky to get 20% of female speakers on a conference lineup, Jason and team have created a diverse lineup of speakers which is more than 50% female. Those brilliant male and female speakers were drawn to the event not just for the smart marketing advice and killer content. There's also...

4. The location


Taking place at the gorgeous OMNI in Orlando, Social Fresh East is steps away from some of the world's greatest theme parks! Theme parks and all of that fun can get expensive of course....and so, to get you over to Social Fresh....

5. We've got a discount for you!


Thanks to the lovely team at Social Fresh, you can use the code Likeable to receive a discount off of your ticket!

Last plug...I'll be speaking about the need to take back some ownership around your social media content, using examples of best in class brands.