4 Free Apps for Better Photos and Videos


By Thomas Zukowski Last week, Vine announced several updates to its platform. Most importantly, users can now access their camera rolls and upload existing, pre-edited videos. Previously, users had to install outside apps such as Vinyet or the aptly-named Upload Custom Video to Vine as a workaround. Still, now more than ever, people are using external media editing apps to prep their content before sharing on Instagram, Vine, and Facebook… particularly for still images. Here are 4 free apps that help bring your visuals to the next level:


Snapseed is a photo app created by Google, Inc. that allows users to intuitively edit their photos with a variety of unique features. You can use Selective Adjust to enhance specific areas, experiment with frames and filters, and tap the screen any time to toggle between the original photo and your edited version. When you’re happy with the final product, you can post directly to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and, of course, Google+.


VSCO Cam is a photo editing and publishing platform with minimal features, but I find their presets to be among the best in the game. You can even separately apply filters to shadows and highlights. VSCO Grid, the publishing platform, highlights a curated selection of images from around the world and allows you to post your own. In their own words, “Beautiful imagery trumps social clout,” and thus likes, comments, and number of followers are not visible.

LINE camera

Want to step up your selfie game? Then LINE camera is for you. To a Westerner, this app has some of the most bizarre features on the market, mostly inspired by Japanese photo sticker booths (purikura). In addition to over 100 frames and 1,000+ cartoon “stamps,” you can do fun things like add a funky hairstyle, reshape your nose, or enlarge your eyes.


Magisto is a video editing platform that transforms your photos and videos into complete movies, enhanced with music and effects. Choose your raw content, select an editing style such as “Rock On,” “Fashion,” or “OMG!!” then let the app do all the heavy lifting.

Do you have more suggestions beyond these five? What's your favorite photo or video app?