4 Marketing Buzzwords That Need to Stop


By Angela Kuo Whether you’re at an industry event, a team meeting, or a college course, there’s a good chance you’re being inundated with confusing jargon that's used so much, you've started to wonder if people actually know what the words mean. We wish we could erase them from our (and everyone’s) vocabulary, but they’re here to stay. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t complain about them!

Here are some marketing buzzwords that need to go into "the cloud"...and stay there.

Snackable Content: We all know by now that people have short attention spans, especially for branded content. We agree that audiences need delicious, bite-sized chunks of info that can be quickly consumed, but can we stop saying “snackable”? It’s just making everyone hungry...

Big Data: There’s data and then there’s BIG data. Which is ginormous and scary and almost impossible to measure. In reality, it’s the set of information that companies have always needed to help with creating new and better content.

Synergy: The concept is true. We are better when we work together. However, am I the only one who gets flashbacks of biochem whenever someone says it? (Maybe.)

InfluencersAlso known as "Impacters," or "Thought Leaders." So many factors can make someone an influencer now that it’s almost obsolete. Are you important? You’re an influencer.

For a quick run-down of practically every industry buzzword (set to a pretty awesome tune) watch Weird Al’s Mission Statement.

Comment below with some of your love-to-hate buzzwords!

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