How Brands Can Communicate Through Emojis


By Danielle Eckert The word emoji literally means means "picture" (e) + "character" (moji). We all know emojis as being random characters and food images that we use to communicate with our friends.  Recently, brands have started to use them as well. Today we see them in our Gmail inbox, on Twitter, in our Facebook feeds, in Snapchat images, tattooed on peoples bodies, on backpacks...needless to say they are everywhere.

Emojis are a simple way of communicating to customers through a series of images describing an emotion. Brands like Budweiser, Oreo, and even PETA have been using emojis in their daily content. With Twitter now allowing emojis to be viewed on mobile and desktop, brands are capitalizing on them, and they are doing it well. Check out Emoji Tracker to see which emojis are trending on Twitter to further reach your customers.

To see a few popular emojis and expressions/emotions you can use them for, look below!

Tell us, what is your favorite emoji combination? How would you use emojis in a conversation?