Top 5 Business Podcasts


By Joanne Hague Working in business is a continuous learning process, and the information available to expand our knowledge comes in a variety of formats. Time is valuable. How do you choose what to absorb and what to leave behind? I’ve made part of this decision a little easier for you by listing my top five business podcasts below.

Entrepreneur on Fire

John Dumas has recorded over 600 episodes since he started his daily podcast series. In each show, John speaks to various entrepreneurs, delving into their successes and sharing their genius industry insights. Past guests have included Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Barbara Corcoran, and Guy Kawasaki. At times, John has even been known to reach out personally when listeners ask for advice. The focused content is inspirational, making it a valuable resource. Oh, and because it comes straight into your downloads every morning, it’s easy to listen to on the go.

Foolish Adventure

This podcast is hosted by Tim Conley, who has 13+ years of  consulting experience, creating marketing strategies and systems for other businesses. With almost 200 shows, Tim provides valuable guidance and advice for starting and running a successful, yet fulfilling internet business. Izzy joins Tim as a co-presenter on the show, and both share a relaxed camaraderie with an open approach to subjects that is both entertaining and engaging. Their knowledge and experience give you the boost you need to take that first step into online entrepreneurship.

Smart Passive Income

Learn to create and build up a variety of passive income streams in this practical podcast which uses real case studies. Pat Flynn draws on his own experience to create a feeling of authenticity. With over 120 episodes, Pat reveals his business and blogging strategies which he uses to live the life he loves and shares how you can do this too. Stay ahead of the game using his actionable tips and tricks.

Social Media Marketing Podcast

This is a great source of social media news. In expert interviews, Michael Stelzner shares success stories alongside advice from marketing professionals. Learn all about how successful businesses employ social media and discover how to implement strategies and tactics to navigate the social jungle. This podcast is an ongoing source of education--for the beginner and familiar business owner--and will increase your confidence in online marketing. This is a must-listen podcast if you are serious about social media news. You'll be able to cut through the clutter and stay up to date.

All The Social Ladies

Presented by Carrie Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media. Carrie interviews female executives with the aim of exploring how social media impacts their various industries and own personal experiences. Interviewees share brand insights on maximizing the potential of social media in reaching your target audience and seeing return on investment. Not on the brand side? Not to worry! Entrepreneurs and social influencers have also been featured on the show and discuss their successes, challenges, and "ah-ha" moments in a very relatable manner. Carrie’s relaxed and down-to-earth personality allow listeners to absorb all of this knowledge no matter their experience level with social media. Previous guests have included IBM, Whole Foods Market, Citibank, and 85 Broads.

What are your top podcasts and why? Know a social lady that should appear on All The Social Ladies? Tweet me @hague_joanne and let me know!