3 Likeable Lessons from Our Partners at Likeable Mexico


By Sam Sudakoff At the beginning of 2014, Likeable Media launched a partnership with MVS Radio, based out of Mexico City, to form Likeable Mexico. What started as an office of five people is now a vibrant group of over 50 thought leaders. While Likeable Media, headquarted in New York, may have been around for much longer, we’ve really learned a lot in a short time from this passionate group.

Here are three likeable lessons from our partners at Likeable Mexico.

1. Expand into new territory.

Change based on where the market is going, not based on what competitors are doing. Our partners saw the opportunities social media offered. They were a traditional radio firm, but saw that social was what their brands needed to succeed and therefore. They weren’t afraid to be the first in the new area. Due to their tenacity, they are now they are ahead of the curve.

2. A family mindset extends beyond the household.

Think about how a brand can integrate into a family’s lifestyle. When thinking of your marketing approach, position yourself with your own family’s perspective in mind. How can this brand enhance your family’s experience? The brand is not part of the lifestyle, but the brand needs to get inside the consumer’s family’s lifestyle better. How can you connect people or build the relationship within the family? The brand is a tool to build connections.  The family-oriented mindset in Hispanic culture doesn’t stop at the doorstep, but rather, extends into the workplace. There is a strong mentality in the U.S. of ,“You should use this brand," whereas in Mexico, it seemed to be: “Our brand is here to connect with you or enable you to connect with others."

3. Even the most thoughtful plans are written in pencil, not pen.

Always be receptive to new ideas, especially the ones that are geared to make your brand stand out. During our trip to Mexico City, we implemented a series of new processes, proposed new strategies, presented on social media trends, and offered several other ideas to set our partner up for success. These were different from what they had originally planned, and vastly different from any strategy they had previously, but they knew that these ideas would help their growth and future, and they accepted them with an open mind.