Why You Should Be On Quora


By Jessica Chen Quora, self-described as "your best source for knowledge," is a social media platform that allows its community to ask and answer questions. Any question and any answer is fair game, but only the best answers will be "up-voted" and featured more prominently on a question thread.  As a digital marketer, if you aren’t using Quora, you are missing out on valuable insights regarding your brand, your community, and your marketing strategy.

Here are three reasons why Quora is so valuable for marketers.

1. In-Depth, Quality Reviews on Any and Every Topic

What community review sites, such as Amazon or online forums, lack is the appropriate level of expertise regarding the topic or product at hand. Frequently, the information that is gathered is confusing, lacking, or worst of all, inconclusive. However, Quora welcomes the feedback of experts, as high quality content is naturally filtered to be more visible. Comments from experts in the field are highly valued, as is considerate feedback from users who are deeply familiar with the product. As a marketer, you can consistently provide thoughtful feedback, thus positioning yourself as an expert and establishing credibility to your name or brand.

2. Recommendations for New Products or Trends

Staying on top of the latest brands, products, and trends is essential to great marketing. Quora is a wonderful tool for finding seemingly random recommendations that may fit your criteria perfectly. The best part? Some of the more "self-promoting" or "spammy" approaches are filtered out so that you get genuine recommendations.

3. New Outlooks and Points of View

Quora is most known for its ability to open its readers eyes to new perspectives. A simple question can reveal endless opportunities to learn from peers. Through Quora, one can meet a network of people, travel to distant places, and witness once-in-a-lifetime experiences. This kind of insight is infinitely valuable for a marketer to better understand his or her audience and community.

Are you on Quora? What is your favorite "secret weapon" social platform?