3 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Round-the-Clock Community Management


By Charlie Balk

Gone are the days when brands could skate by with mediocre community management. Best in class CM is a virtual necessity for any brand that isn't willing to risk its reputation when venturing into social. The bar has risen and, as a result, responding quickly from sun-up to sun-down is no longer a choice. Here are the three main reasons why your community management team can't punch out at 5 o'clock anymore.

1. Response Time

Social media users have spoken, and they're not going to tolerate brands that don't talk back to them. If a brand chooses to have an active presence on a network, its following expects them to be engaged. Did you know that 53% of Twitter users expect brands to respond to their comments within the hour? What's more, that number jumps to 72% when it’s a complaint. Addressing responses within the hour simply isn't possible if no one's there to do it. (Duh.)

2. Monitoring Trends

One of my clients is a self storage company. So when I was monitoring my keywords search streams last week, I was surprised to see a tragic news story involving bodies being found in a storage unit in Winnipeg. Even though my client doesn't have facilities outside of the U.S., I knew this wasn't a discussion that I wanted our brand to be associated with. It was 10 o'clock at night, so I pulled the next day's content and emailed the client. This wouldn't have been possible if I weren't actively monitoring hashtags at off-hours when the story just happened to break.

The same is true of positive opportunities for real-time content and outreach. These opportunities are simply lost if you don't have round-the-clock coverage, unless the opportunities happen to conveniently occur between normal working hours. What a bummer. Moreover, ten of the most tweeted topics ever were around televised cultural events. I doubt many of those were day-time television events.

3. Crisis Management

Many potential customer service issues are consistent and predictable. It's easy enough to build a process to address standard comments and complaints. However, there's a huge risk if there isn't a reliable and adaptive team watching your channels morning and night that can respond quickly to any situation presented, whether it's predictable issue or not. There's a great deal of comfort I'm afforded knowing all of Likeable's brands have well-trained, qualified eyes on them sun-up to sun-down. And your brand should, too.

But I know your next question: How do you staff it? Stay tuned for my next blog to find out!