4 Tips For Promoting Your Podcast


By Jo Hague Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular and more readily available thanks to the rise in smartphone ownership. If you don't already have a podcast, it’s time to get started. If you’ve started a podcast and are looking for advice to promote it further, check out my top tips below.

1. Promote your show on social networks.

To increase downloads of your podcast, it’s important to increase your visibility across different social channels. Don't just rely on Facebook and Twitter. Use Instagram and Pinterest to showcase your podcast in fun and interesting ways--pictures, short videos and hyperlapse can turn an audio link into something much more desirable. Get creative with what you share. At Likeable Media, we design memes for each guest which not only share a message, but are also engaging.

2. Be creative with your content.

Now that you’ve recorded your podcast, you have great content. Don’t waste it. Consider creating a series of articles--this can be in the form of Q&A or a list of key lessons for your audience. If you have a camera, film your podcast recording and share as a YouTube video. YouTube is the second biggest search engine and shouldn’t be missed as an opportunity to promote your work. Spreaker is a useful tool for easily uploading your videos to YouTube. You can also see what others are uploading, which is useful for understanding what others are sharing and how you fit into the podcast space. These are two easy ways to share your content on the days when you aren’t recording your podcast to keep you and your message top-of-mind.

3. Ask your audience.

Use your available resources to ask your audience which questions, hot topics, or guests they would like featured on the show. Twitter, email, and your website landing page can all be used to engage with your audience and gather this information. Tools such as SpeakPipe are also available. What I like about SpeakPipe is that it’s simple to use and allows listeners to send voice messages directly to your email which you can then mention on your podcast or embed in your article series. You can also use this to establish a personal channel with podcast hosts for shows that you want to be featured on.

4. Don't just share online; share offline too.

You’ve done all the hard work online, so make sure you tie up any loose ends offline. Just like you share your contact number and email on a business card, also promote your podcast. Business cards are an important part of personal branding and can be easily shared at networking events. Having your podcast listed on there is a great conversation starter which could be fruitful for your business in the future.

How do you promote your podcast? Share your advice in the comments section below.