Is Your Brand's Facebook Marketing Irrelevant?

By Carrie Kerpen

There was a time when companies that built Facebook tabs were gobbled up by behemoth companies like SalesforceGoogle, and Oracle. Given astronomical valuations, it was clear that Facebook marketing was key to the success of businesses big and small.

Except that Facebook, my friends, has changed drastically.

In 2012, each of these companies were acquired based on their ability to run promotions and "tab marketing" on the platform. In fact, at the time, there was no other way to host a contest on Facebook; you were required to use a third-party application. Now that Facebook has changed the game and allowed brands to host promotions right on their walls, this feature has become completely unnecessary.

In 2012, each of these companies had very early stage social advertising technologies. Many were able to pivot under ownership of their parent companies to shift towards promoted posts. Sadly, some of our favorites were unable to adjust.

As a marketer, you must make choices as the social media world around you changes. Those changes are fast and furious. Are you still marketing using Facebook tabs when all of the action happening on Facebook is in the News Feed? If so, why? Are you posting on your Facebook page every day, only promoting a few sporadic posts? If so, what are the organic posts getting you?

To keep your Facebook marketing fresh, make sure you are:

1. Shifting your promotional focus from tab marketing straight into the feed. If you need lead capture, consider directing traffic to your site, or using one of the many Facebook ad products that allow for immediate conversion.

2. Experimenting with new ad products as they come out. You should be familiarizing yourself with every new ad product, even before they launch mainstream to all advertisers. Currently, you should be looking at the Facebook Atlas product, for instance, and its potential impact on your business.

3. Using content from other networks to create stories on Facebook. For example, taking your six-second video loops from Vine and re-purposing them as Facebook ads can work perfectly. Incorporate some of the magic of the other networks into Facebook, and it will cut through the clutter.

4. STOP posting so much. There's no more manipulating the algorithm. You will have minimal success, but not enough to warrant the massive amount of posting and noise it will take to organically impact your reach at scale. Instead, take your VERY best content and bet on it. Promote it, and be smart about how you promote it. Slow your cadence, but increase your reach.

How do you market on Facebook today versus in 2012? Share in the comments!