Why Snapchat's Ads Are Better Than Yours


By Nicole Grossberg

This weekend Snapchat ran its first advertisement on the app, and so far all signs point to success. I’ll admit that I’ve personally had my skepticism about this platform, but when a kudos is deserved I certainly won’t deny it.

Universal Studios released a 20-second trailer for the movie Ouija via Snapchat, and so far reports say views are in the millions. The advertiser is satisfied, and so is the platform, because this is just the beginning of its journey into the world of digital advertising. Not only was the ad exposed to millions, but naturally, teens and 20-somethings took to social media to give their opinions.

If this oijua thins is on my snapchat story one more time I'm gonna punch something

— Ashlie Mueller (@alloftheashlies) October 19, 2014

the ouija thing on snapchat makes me want to see that movie SO BAD someone come w

— Farah Alkurdy (@Farah_alkurdy) October 18, 2014


When you accidentally open the ouija story on snap chat pic.twitter.com/1YwHv7R4nF

— Belle Williams (@iHearTheBelle) October 21, 2014


The reason why Snapchat is in such a unique position in the advertising space is that its viewers can actually choose whether or not they want to view the ads. In a world full of ads wreaking havoc on our news feeds, inbox, and internet surfing, it’s refreshing to able to take matters into our own hands. This is a great way to empower consumers, allowing them control what content they do or don't want to view.

Snapchat is worth $10 billion, but up to this point the app hasn't been making any money. It’s about time it joined the revenue race. Facebook has had wild success with its ads platform, along with Twitter, and now even Instagram is getting in on the action.  Snapchat also offers a unique demographic target (13-25-year-olds), and no other platform has such a niche market, which is another attractive quality that will have advertisers interested.

Snapchat, you’ve done well.  As long as viewing ads remains optional on the platform, I see a bright future for you.   Despite the dreaded “Snappening” photo leaks and naysayers, you've come a long way since Picaboo.

What do you think about Snapchat running ads? Share your thoughts in the comments below!