3 Reasons You Need to Be Advertising with Video

By Andrew Minucci

As a marketer, how often do you struggle with the question of the “monetization” of your Facebook page? The emergence of video as go-to content on Facebook opens up a plethora of opportunities for brands to showcase their products, increase traffic to e-commerce, and most important, drive sales and increase revenue.

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons your brand needs to advertise with videos on Facebook.

1. People simply love video.

Seriously. We just can’t look away. Video allows your fans to not only see your product, but witness the functionality. They can vividly see how your product performs. Fans should walk away from your video saying “I need that product in my life.” With Facebook’s auto-play feature, fans will see your 15-second videos play in their feeds the same as they would see any other piece of content. Facebook also allows you to place an endboard on your video to give users the option to replay or click through to your website.

2: More metrics.

Facebook allows brands to discover a wide array of metrics about video that will help determine what is working and resonating with the consumer. With Facebook insights, you can see the amount of unique vs. repeat views, how many users saw the video through auto-play vs. click-to play, and the amount of paid views vs. organic views. Facebook also lets you know the average view duration of the video, which can yield valuable information on how to structure future content.

3. Retargeting.

How cool is this? Advertisers who work with a Facebook account representative can create an advertising audience of people who have already watched their videos. The only catch is that the video must be viewed by at least 1,000 people in 24 hours to create the audience. What does this mean for marketers? By creating compelling and engaging video, you can get people excited about your product and then hit this same audience (who are already aware of your product) with a link post directing them to your website or e-commerce site. If your video made a compelling case that the consumer needs your product, there is a much higher chance that they will click through and make a purchase.

Static images are so 2014. Join the video revolution.

What are some ways your brand is taking advantage of advertising with video on Facebook?