How to Create Content That Gets Results


By Elana Gross and Theresa Braun

You already know the steps for effectively optimizing content on social media (what we’ve previously referred to as the “like-cycle”). But how do you create content to have the greatest impact on your ROI? Below we’ve outlined a simple, strategic approach.

Here are three keys for creating content that will get you results.


Captivate your audience with relevant, engaging content. Focus on the three most important types of captivating content: evergreen, sizzle, and community-inspired.

Evergreen content is highly brand-centric and can be used year-round. Our Stash Your Trash Vine for Extra Space Storage is an example of successful evergreen content, generating 6.3 times the industry average engagement.

Sizzle content allows your brand to join in popular conversations around current or anticipated events, trends, or brand activity. For example, our Century21® blog post, 5 Zombie-Proof Houses Your Family Won’t be Caught Dead In, capitalized on the conversation surrounding the Walking Dead premiere. This post was shared over 1,200 times across multiple networks, with blog visits increasing by 32%.

Community-inspired content is built based on what data collection tell you about your customers’ interests, needs, and preferences. For example, our insights determined that the Seamless Facebook audience responds to brief imagery of delicious food paired with copy referencing pop culture of today and yesterday. Thus, this simple post showing a delicious burger and referencing Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s famous song (revamped by Nicki Minaj) brought value to the community. This post had double the industry engagement.



In order to create this engaging content, you have to first understand what your audience wants, This requires that you continuously listen and respond. Consider a three-pronged approach: reactive, proactive, and coverage.

  • Be reactive by quickly responding to questions, comments, complaints, and brand shout-outs.
  • Proactively identify and execute opportunities to engage with key influencers, relevant conversations, and trending topics.
  • Monitor your social channels around the clock so that you don’t miss a single issue or opportunity.


Success on social media doesn’t come for free and  your content certainly won’t be magically delivered to your perfect audience on a silver platter. That’s where your highly-targeted, promoted push comes in.

Our pro-tips for making your content seen on social:

  • Use insights to inform a data-driven ad strategy designed to help you reach specific objectives.
  • Create a targeting plan to ensure that hyper-relevant audiences will receive your message (and at the lowest cost per desired action).
  • Continuously evolve your ads, optimizing them in real time based on results.

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