Top 3 Reasons Not To Miss Next Week's WOMMA Summit


By Carrie Kerpen

The fourth quarter is a busy time of year for businesses. Wrapping up your current year while planning for the next one is like trying to change the tires on a moving vehicle. Making the time to attend a conference during that time can feel like an impossible task. Except, of course, when that conference is completely and totally worth it. My friends, may I introduce you to the WOMMA Summit 2014, taking place November 17th - 19th, in Hollywood, California.


Here's why you should make the time to attend:


1. Rooted in Word of Mouth Marketing: I've been attending the WOMMA summit since 2007, when I launched Likeable Media, and social media was a small part of the equation. Since then, social media conferences big and small have popped up all over the globe-- and the competition for attendance is fierce. WOMMA, however, has always stayed true to its form in that it is rooted in Word of Mouth Marketing. Keeping social media as an extension of Word of Mouth allows WOMMA to be flexible in its solutions-- versus being a "one trick pony". You learn about social media here, but you learn a lot more than that too.


2. Bite-Sized Sessions: WOMMA recognizes that attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. That's why Keynotes are only 45 minutes-- and all the other sessions are 30 minutes long. It's the perfect amount of time to take away value without getting bored. You'll learn a ton, the way you've been accustomed to learning in bite sized increments.


3. The Networking: One of my favorite things about the WOMMA summit is that it's NOT "Brands Only" or "Agencies Only". It's not "Social Media Peeps Only" either. It's what I would call "Smart People Only". With amazing sessions focused on the ROI of Word of Mouth, tying your Net Promoter Score to social, and amplifying social using new event tech, you can get as deep as you want into the social/WOM space-- it's for way more than just beginners. And the access you'll have to those smart people is just phenomenal. You'll be able to network and learn and have a ton of fun!


Of course, I'll also list a bonus fourth reason for attending-- my session: "OWN IT", all about how to make your content strategy one that is truly long tail. It features me, and some of my favorite thought leaders-- Amanda Sheldon of Medtronic, Heather Neary of Auntie Annes, and Dayna Hathaway of Extra Space Storage! 


To get your tickets today, click here. See you there!