Why You Should Work with Millennial Social Media Influencers

By Corey Smock

Social Media consumer behavior has changed. Today, Millennials are leading the charge in the industry. Networks like SnapChat, Vine, and Instagram have made Facebook a secondary thought among the younger generation. Talented, young creators are sprouting up as well, fostering a new generation of native advertising and endorsement. Some progressive marketers are choosing to take advantage of this trend, while others, using more traditional methods, are at risk of falling behind. 

On this weeks episode of The Feed, we're joined by Rob Fishman, co-founder of Niche. Niche is a community of relevant and influential creators, prominent on rising platforms like Vine, Instagram, and Tumblr. Marketers can partner with Niche to increase their reach and energize their social media presence. (Read more about Niche.)

What's inside this episode:

  • How Niche began.

  • How marketers can monetize social media.
  • How Niche managers campaign and how to get started.
  • Why reach matters in social media.
  • Why you should target Millennials.
  • The most popular social media networks.
  • Native advertising defined.
  • How consumer behaviors impact social.
  • What type of world Niche is looking to create.

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