Why Your Brand Should Follow Snapchat Closely


By Michele Weisman

Twitter and Instagram are taking cues from Snapchat with their latest updates: Moments and Best Videos, respectively.


Twitter describes Moments as “the best of what’s happening on Twitter in an instant.” Each moment is a group of tweets around a specific topic (e.g. the Super Bowl, breaking news) that exists within its own tab on Twitter. Moments are displayed as links within tweets or through multimedia-heavy content like Vines, videos and images. The tab is curated by Twitter or one of its partners, such as BuzzFeed or the New York Times.

Instagram describes the Best Videos feed as an immersive, curated content channel for specific events. It lives at the top of a user’s Instagram feed and stands alone without the typical border, text description and “Like” count that normally accompanies an Instagram post.

However, both Moments and Best Videos bear striking resemblance to Snapchat’s “Live Stories,” which was first to arrive at the party. Live Stories is a channel of user-generated Snapchat content from offline events like concerts or sporting events, and also from specific locations.

Nonetheless, each feature (Moments, Best Videos and Live Stories) helps users find the “best of” their respective networks in real time, broken down by event categories to make browsing easier.

Why should brand marketers care?

Users are sharing content around real-time events, and it’s important to start listening and creating content for those conversations. People are sharing lots of content, which is tough for networks to organize. Curated content around specific offline events gives networks a new revenue opportunity in the form of brand sponsorships and other event-specific advertising.

For Snapchat’s “Live Stories,” brands currently shell out approximately 2 cents per view on a 10-second ad inserted alongside user-submitted content. “Promoted Moments” on Twitter live separate from other curated moments. Twitter releases one promoted moment per day (with plans for more). Instagram has not yet determined its advertising strategy for “Best Videos.”

How closely are you following Snapchat? Have you experimented with Moments, Best Videos and Live Stories? Tell us about your experience or feel free to tweet me @ottogrl!