2015 Social Media Wish List

By James Reichert

Dear Santa,

You spoiled us this year and delivered many of the items we wished for on last year’s list. You gave us clickable links on Instagram, some cool new Twitter features, the ability to post GIFs across platforms and better desktop features for secondary channels. We promise we have been extra good in 2015, so please grant us the wishes on this year’s list.

1. Better Pinterest Analytics

This is a repeat from last year and we really, really need your help on this one. We simply need better account-level stats. Why is there no data on follower growth? With more brands jumping into Promoted Pins, it’s time to reward us with some new insights.

2. LinkedIn Analytics and Updated Ads

This could be such a powerful tool for Business to Business brands, but the lack of insights and ad units makes it hard to argue a need to spend budgets here. We will stick to other platforms until they figure this out…help us help you!

3. Friend Groups or Circles on Snapchat

Allowing the user to have a group of friends that they can snap with the click of one button would definitely make us share more images. Clicking through a long list to select whom you want to include on your latest masterpiece takes too much time. Imagine what we could do with all those minutes we’d save…

4. The Ability to Sign Into Multiple Instagram Accounts

This is a Community Manager's dream, and there are whispers that it may  already be rolling out…but we want it NOW!

5. The Ability to Save Instagram Posts

This feature is already available on Facebook, so there is no reason Instagram shouldn’t join in on the fun. Imagine being able to refer back to all the pictures of food and cute puppies you scrolled past this year!

6. A Filter for the Facebook Newsfeed

No, we are not talking about adding a sepia hue to the Newsfeed. We are talking about the ability to filter out words or topics. Imagine a Newsfeed with no mention of Mr. Donald Trump. We needed that like six months ago make it happen.

7. A Native Scheduler for Instagram

There has to be a better way to schedule Instagram posts. No more of this pushing to the phone business. A native scheduler would give the Community Managers piece of mind that the content is going live accurately and on time.

8. Actual Dates on Instagram Posts

When did you post that picture of your new car? 137 weeks ago? Isn’t it just easier to have dates on posts instead of days and weeks? Why yes, saying you posted that picture on April 29, 2013 is far easier than saying 137 weeks ago.


That’s it for now, Santa. Please read this list and check it twice because we really need these wishes to come true!

What are your thoughts on this year’s wish list? What would you add?