3 Social Media Resolutions for Non-Socially Savvy Executives


By Candie Harris

True confession … although I have been the COO at Likeable Media for over two years, I have been hesitant to personally use social media as a business tool. Despite having read of the many advantages of using of social media by executives, I was not alone in my discomfort.  My reluctance was due to my lack of knowledge and experience in actually doing anything on social other than posting some pictures.

Realizing that I was missing a huge opportunity to add value to Likeable, as well as build my own network, I decided to seek out advice on how to overcome my fear and take the plunge. Lucky for me, I was able to get personal coaching from one of the top authorities on social media: Dave Kerpen.

Here are three tips he gave me, which have been so useful I have turned them into New Year’s Resolutions, so that I don’t lose any momentum and continue to learn and grow.

Share on a Daily Basis

In my first session with Dave, I identified my biggest social media hurdle as deciding what to say on such a big platform. His answer really resonated with me when he asked, "don’t you like to share things that are of interest to you with your friends?’"

Since I do like to share what I learn, this was the ‘permission’ that I needed to post on a regular basis.  My routine is simple. Every morning I search Pulse, LinkedIn and Twitter for content that I find relevant/newsworthy and pick one item to share on LinkedIn and one item to share on Twitter. In addition to being easy, since I read everything before I share (and sometimes end up reading a number of items before making my selection), I am learning so many thought provoking things every day.

Add to Your Network Every Day

Once I was comfortable sharing content, Dave challenged me to grow my network. He suggested that I focus on Twitter and begin following senior marketers at brands that I either admire or would like to work with. Again, instructions that I could easily follow.

I started with a list of CMOs/Senior Marketers of brands that I think Likeable could do great work for. Every day I add one new marketer from that list to the people I follow on Twitter. I have now expanded that habit to also include adding guests from Carrie Kerpen’s podcast, All the Social Ladies, as well as executives that I may come across while reading an article of interest.

This simple activity takes less than one minute per day and has helped me become more familiar with Twitter while allowing me to see the more personal side of marketers I admire. Another benefit is the excitement I feel when one of those marketers follows back!

Engage in Daily Conversations

Now the hard part (at least for me): initiating communication with my growing network. Dave’s easy-to-follow advice in this area has helped me overcome my hesitancy to converse with strangers. "Just pick one person each day and reply to them on Twitter,” he said, adding that it was very important not to be ‘too salesy or business-like’ in my replies, but to try and pick some area of commonality.

Since I follow a number of news outlets that were filling up my Twitter feed, he also took the opportunity to teach me how to set up a list, where I could quickly see the tweets of anyone I placed on the list. This activity takes longer than the other two, because I give a lot of thought to who to reply to and what to say, but it is the one that has the biggest opportunity for me as I continue to expand my use of social media as a business tool. 

My plan for 2016 is to not only continue to focus on these three activities (and to keep these New Year’s Resolutions) but continue to add to them through my continued coaching with Dave. 


Any social media resolutions you would like to share? Please help me practice and tweet me @candieharris !