5 Steps to Promoted Pins


By Jessica Chen

Pinterest’s relatively new paid advertising platform is a search result- and category feed-based tool for marketers.

By only charging for clicks on one's particular Pin (rather than on repins), promotion on Pinterest can be an affordable and effective means for brands to generate awareness and engagement.

Here’s how to do it:

Optimize Content

It’s no secret that certain types of images perform better on Pinterest. Choose high-quality imagery with vertical layouts for optimal performance. When writing your Pin description, keep your copy succinct and informative. Avoid sounding promotional in your copy, as Pinterest will likely not approve the pin.

Consider Keywords Carefully

One of the most important factors to the success of your campaign is chosen keywords per Pin. Imagining the browsing experience from the user’s side will allow you to develop a few terms to include in your list. Include a variety of keywords; broader terms will allow you to reach more users, but more specific terms may boost engagement.

Target Appropriately

Keep in mind that users on Pinterest are actively searching for topics and results that pertain directly to their interests. Don’t be afraid to adjust your targeting to include more specific characteristics or interests.

Monitor and Adjust Campaigns in Real Time.

It is essential to constantly track your campaigns as they progress. You have some flexibility to adjust your campaigns and should definitely take advantage of this. Examine the performance of your keywords and add new terms to boost relevancy.

Dive Deep Into Analytics.

As always, a key component of ensuring success with an advertising campaign is constant reassessment and strategic adjustment. In addition to analyzing performance within its own Analytics tool, Pinterest recommends utilizing conversion tracking to connect your promoted pin performance with actual website action.


Promoting Pins on Pinterest is a great way to gain visibility on helpful, beautiful, and actionable content. Follow these tips to take your Pinterest presence to the next level.