How To Tell a Brand Story (And Why It's Important!)

By Danielle Eckert

The trends of social media are forever changing. With the trend of Millennials growing up and living their lives through social media, they are able to look back through timelines and literally relive moments through the moments themselves.

It all goes back to the story, and how stories are told. Why is it important for a brand to create a story? Because a story can resonate with many people, and this creates a trusted following. If a 20-something living in Brooklyn sees a photo of someone sitting in bed drinking coffee on a Sunday morning, they feel a personal connection because the photo reminds them of themselves and the people they know.

Below are some examples of brands that tell effective social media stories. 


Seamless is the top food delivery service in New York. While the idea of Seamless is “How to avoid seeing people when I eat my food standing over the kitchen sink at 2 a.m.," the brand is also about going outside and experiencing the city. By telling its story in first person, it makes the viewer feel as if they're reading a friend's Instagram.


Hate Mondays? So does Chobani! It is not trying to sell its product or even trying to showcase it; instead, it is relating to consumers. This creates an understanding and builds a trust between the brand and its audience.


While Airbnb’s stories are a bit long-winded, they are stories you can either relate to or wish you could relate to. This creates a conversation between friends, whether it's the dream of going a certain place or the relation of having been there before. Airbnb creates snapshot memories for the everyday traveler.


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