Facebook Algorithm Changes You Need to Know


By Elana Gross

The Facebook News Feed is changing once again. A new study by social media analytics company Socialbakers analyzed 4,445 brand pages and over 670,000 posts created between October 2014 and February 2015. It found that photos had the lowest organic reach: only three out of every hundred page fans (3.7%) saw a photo post (Business Insider). In comparison, video posts received an average organic reach of 8.7%, text only posts had 5.8%, and link posts had 5.3% (Business Insider). If the page you’re managing has over 100,000 fans, the organic reach will be even lower.


But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t share photos, or that you should only share videos. It means you should diversify the type content you share on your page. And, as Facebook has made abundantly clear, a strong paid media spend will help your content go even further (not to mention, Facebook will always organically favor their flavor of the week, and this week, it’s definitely video).


So, what does that mean for your social media strategy?



Considering that 2015 is the “Year of Video,” you should be incorporating video into your social media strategy. They have the highest organic reach and can be shared across all platforms. Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers, told Business Insider: "Video is proving to be a very engaging format and gaining in popularity; consumers really like them. As I've said before, video has fast become the new photo and is the biggest trend we're seeing in social right now. Therefore we'd advise marketers to include video as part of their content strategies” (Business Insider). Likeable Media’s Associate Creative Director Thomas Zukowski recommends looking at your Facebook News Feed. He said, “I'll bet you'll find the feed peppered with videos from advertisers, entertainers, and friends alike. Facebook's algorithm has ensured this to be so, but the truth is we as consumers have been asking for it. We gravitate towards visual content, and video in particular allows us to identify with a character or situation in a way that other mediums can't.” Try creating video content series similar to these ones by our client, Corkcicle.



Link Posts

In the past, brands often shared photos with copy and a link to a product or blog post. I recommend that you share the update using a link post. Link posts, like this one from our client CENTURY 21®, perform well on Facebook. You can customize the copy, headline, description, and image in a link post to fit your brand’s social voice.





Photo Albums

Don’t let this news steer you away from sharing photos. Share individual photos periodically, ensuring the quality of the photo takes precedence over the quantity of images you share. Also, try implementing photo albums. Now, photo album update announcements look like a beautiful custom image and are much more likely to capture attention in the newsfeed.


Paid Media Support

One way to increase engagement is to put media spend on individual posts. You can select the target audience, total budget, and spend duration. This will increase your paid reach and your organic reach.


Do you have recommendations for increasing organic reach on Facebook? Leave them in the comments below.