3 Quick Things About Twitter's Retweet Update

By John Kultgen

Twitter continues to up its features in order to compete with growing networks. On Monday, the newest update premiered, and it's here to improve the retweet process. 

Users Can Now Add a Comment


The network now prompts users to add a comment to a retweet. This is a breath of fresh air for active users, who previously had to manually copy and paste a tweet as their own in order to comment on it.

It's Good News for Brands

This ease of this feature guarantees that more people will credit a brand's original tweet when they comment on it.

It's Bad News on Mobile

Commenting on the tweet makes the original appear smaller, especially on mobile. That's not desirable for an increasingly more visual, crowded network that's trying to get a user's attention.

Have you tried the new update yet? If so, what do you think of it?