3 Features Of Snapchat You Might Not Know About


By Brian Murray

Since Snapchat launched in September 2011, it has grown tremendously in terms of both reach and features. If you don’t already know, Snapchat is a visual messaging platform where the messages disappear after a certain period of time which is set by the sender. Think 007 message destruction meets the smartphone of the normal person. Adoption rates have skyrocketed particularly in younger demographics. Critics have screamed about the negative possibilities of a disappearing message, but I think most of those come from people who have likely just started using SMS. Buried deep in the app there are a few features that only expert users know about. How many of them have you used?


Under Additional Services in Settings, one of the options is Replay. This allows you to see a message again that previously disappeared. You’ll have to do it immediately and you only get one a day. This can be really great when you get distracted or your thumb slips!

Who Can

Again with some snooping in Settings you can select who can send you Snaps or view your stories. If you are a brand using Snapchat, it might make sense to let anyone send you a Snapchat. Lowering the barrier to entry and enabling anyone to view your stories can dramatically increase your reach. This feature enabled Likeable Media to use Snapchat to engage with job candidates by allowing anyone who applies to send us a Snap!


If you’ve enabled Filters under Additional Services, you can also add some interesting filters. Some of them are similar to Instagram’s, but the really fun ones are based on Geolocation. You can add specific filters and artwork based on where you are! Depending on where you are you can get something new! Snapchat seems to periodically change them as well.

Bonus: Snapcash?!

This one is a little beyond me, honestly. I seem to have 30 ways to pay my friends from Venmo to PayPal to actual cash. But in November of 2014 Snapchat partnered with Square to bring payments to the platform. I’ve only sent money once to try it out, and the user flow was really simple. Still, I’m not sure that I need another way to send money. Although my understanding is there are influencers and service providers (ahem) that are using the platform.

Which of these features have you used? What would you like to see next from Snapchat?