3 Things to Consider When Choosing Content to Promote


By Chris Talamo

When it comes time to put some spend behind your social media content, you want to be sure you're selecting the right image to get the biggest bang for your buck. More often than not, there are an array of images to choose from. It's easy to be overwhelmed by the selection. Here's 3 things to consider when choosing visual content to promote. 

Follow the Rules

Facebook doesn't believe that rules are meant to be broken. It will catch you and will stop you. If you're not already familiar, you must follow the 20% text rule. Facebook will only allow you to have 20% text on the image. You can easily test out if your image will make the cut through Facebook itself or outside sources such as this

Keep It Real

The amount of content filling up your News Feed won't be slowing down any time soon. While everyone tends to complain about seeing baby announcements and wedding rings blow up their feeds, in reality that content may be some of the only original content left! That said, it's even more important now to choose images that truly identify with the target audience. We all know how the internet feels about stock photography, thanks to Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco and Getty Images. They're a joke. Choose candid; choose natural; choose relateable. The internet is too smart and will see right through that perfectly staged photo of clean cut "hipsters" all laughing in one direction while enjoying their favorite branded beverage. Keep it real; the internet knows! 

Be Pretty 

You have about two swift thumb swipes to catch someone's attention as they flow through their feed on a lunch break (or while they're working). Choosing an image with striking color and or a very obvious subject can be a game changer. Don't choose something with a level color scheme or a super busy landscape. You want that image to grab them quickly! 

Always consider how you might respond to the image you're selecting. If you've chosen an image that could make a viewer think one of his or her friends posted it, you've won.