3 Quick Things to Know About Trio

3 Quick Things to Know

By Kelly Byrd

The new app Trio lets users make mashup videos out of existing content. Using the app, you can "remix" other people’s (friends, celebs, brands) assets (Instagrams, Vines, GIFs, iTunes) into awesome mashups. All the assets are linked to their sources (like Pinterest), so it’s great for original content owners. Here are three things to know about using the app:

How do I create a Trio mashup?

This video below explains the creation process.

What should I use this for?

Show off your creativitynot just the awesome stuff you doon social media for yourself and for your brand and clients. The inclusion of linked attribution for each content source makes sure you're "covered."

For brands, empower your customers and fans to tell authentic stories with rich media UGC.

Check out this example from a Likeable employee.

Who made this app? (I'm intrigued)

We're glad you asked, because the list is interesting:

  • An MIT rocket scientist
  • A professional boy band member
  • A Berkeley student body president
  • An undercover gang documentarian
  • A Georgia Tech art-and-tech star
  • And a Guinness Book of World Records finalist

Test Trio and let us know what you think in the comments. Will you be using Trio for yourself or your brand or clients?