Update: Is Twitter Starting to Look Like Facebook?


By John Kultgen

Today Twitter announced enhancements to their Direct Message feature, suspiciously right after Facebook announced that its Messenger feature will be updated. In the past few years, Twitter has been making an extra effort to enhance its platform with photo and video capabilities, presumably to keep up with the evolutionary rate of its competitors. Is this update just one more step to competing with Facebook?

What Was the Announcement?

Previously, if you wanted to send someone a private message, known as Direct Message, they would have to follow you first. Now, users can elect to receive messages from anyone (no following required). Twitter will also be adding a Direct Message button, further encouraging users to take advantage of the feature.

What Does the Update Mean for Brands?

There's a big-time customer service opportunity here. The average telephone call to a customer service center is 5.97 minutes (not including the hold-time beforehand). A more efficient Direct Message ensures a more efficient use of an employee's time and a more patient customer. After all, wouldn't you prefer to hear back via DM instead of listening to annoying hold music?

Is it Like Facebook Messenger?

It sounds like it. Facebook announced that users will soon be able to directly interact with brands by tracking the status of an order, modifying purchases and more.

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