4 Ways to Increase the Lifespan of Your Video

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By Thomas Zukowski

You’ve finally done it. You’ve drafted a concept, accumulated a budget, hired a crew and ventured into the world of video. The film is in the can, and the result is something of which you’re extremely proud. But did you really just devote all of those resources to one content piece? How long will it last? One little post and that’s that?

Your video is a cow, and you gotta milk it for all it’s worth. Here are four ways to increase the lifespan of your video on social media.

1. Create a trailer

If your video is over 2 minutes long, keeping an audience’s attention will be a struggle. On social media, the general rule of thumb is to keep your video as short as possible. Create a micro-version to gauge the community’s interest.

2. Make some GIFs!

Speaking of bite-size content, users love GIFs. Lucky for you, creating one from a video file is the most efficient way to make one. Take an engaging scene, add subtitles when necessary, and add branding if it’s not invasive.

3. Write a Blog

Sometimes it’s more convenient to read content than to watch it. Other times we simply prefer to do so. If your video is a tutorial, a list or you just have more to say, integrate your video into a blog. Buzzfeed articles, in particular, are very engaging when supplemented with GIFs.

4. Stills

A supplementary image series can increase your video’s relevancy. If your video is high-res, capture some screen-grabs and turn them into still image content. If you had the foresight to hire a still photographer on set, even better.

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