5 Apps to Help Community Managers Unplug on Vacation

Phone In Hand On Beach


By Jessica Chen

Got a big vacation planned? Regardless of whether or not you’re completely unplugging, treat your phone as your ally, not your enemy! There are all sorts of versatile and effective tools out there for on-the-go social media management, and they’re no longer limited to the desktop. Install these applications on your phone, so you’re ready for your stress-free vacation.


Basecamp is a collaborative project management tool. Use the app frequently to respond to conversations on the go or to reference old projects and information. The “Daily Progress” tab does a great job of consolidating recent activity across all of your projects in one place for an efficient check-in.


Buffer is an amazing scheduling tool for community managers. Keep Buffer on your phone at all times so you can check in on scheduled posts. Make sure to utilize the link shortening capability, so you save yourself the trouble of having to download the Bit.ly app as well.

Google Drive

I am a Google Drive fanatic. Before I leave, I go through every file I might need and make sure it’s backed up to my Drive account. If you frequently work in spreadsheets, downloading the Sheets app may be helpful as well. Pro Tip: Make sure your most important documents are marked to “keep on device” so you can reference them without internet access.


The Dropbox app is always a great resource for images and videos, or as a backup for your documents. Before your vacation, make sure your folders are organized and easy to navigate. Utilize the Favorites option to make it even easier to find a specific file.


The Facebook Pages manager app is by no means perfect, yet it’s a helpful resource in a pinch. Download the app so you can pop into your pages on the go, but be wary of using it for community management. It’s frighteningly easy to make mistakes!

Don’t forget: Utilize your phone itself! Turn on Do Not Disturb mode, and only “allow” one point of contact from the office to contact you in case of emergencies. Turn off push notifications for your email and other apps related to work. Or, if you can cut yourself off completely, turn your phone onto Airplane Mode! Play around with a couple different options, and figure out which system works the best for you.

Happy vacationing!

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