5 Social Media Trends and What They Mean for Your Strategy




By Mallorie Rosenbluth

Yesterday morning,  I had the pleasure of giving the opening keynote at the AMA's latest virtual event, Social Media: How to Evolve, Create Value and Win Business. My session was all about social media trends, the bests ways to begin making those trends part of your social media strategy and just a few of my own predictions for what I see coming next. Based on the feedback left under the #AMAVES hashtag, the topic of social media trends is a hot one! The audience asked some great questions. Here are some of the themes. 

If driving consumers off social sites works, what's the best type of post to use on Facebook? 

Facebook doesn't always make it easy or intuitive to know what post type you should utilize to get a desired action from the end user. My advice to this attendee was to start with the goal of your post (a click, a like, a comment, etc.) and use the post type that will remove barriers for accomplishing that. It's also imperative for the supporting content and imagery to make it easy for people to do the one most important thing you're asking. Don't request a like, a comment, a click, and a purchase. 

What is an ideal length of time for a video to be on social media today? 

In my session, I discussed how social media attention spans are growing and marketers have more than 6 or 15 seconds to tell the community everything they need to know. So if it's longer than a blink, what is the ideal time? Unfortunately, that will vary brand to brand based on your user. Take a look at what type of content resonates and works with your target audience and replicate that. Try and test different length content and see what works. Social media is a great place to test, adapt and try new things. 

If "likes" are no longer the metric that matters, what are? 

If you've noticed over the last several months, the like number has decreased in prominence to the point that it's barely noticeable anymore. I've long predicted that the "like" number will go away entirely. It seems Facebook is slowly making moves to have that come to fruition. So, if "likes" don't matter, what things do? Again, this need varies by brand and unfortunately, and I couldn't give an answer that covered all scenarios. That's why it's critical for a brand to spend time deciding which metrics matter to them. If it's web traffic, lead gen, engagement, or sales; it needs to be clearly identified and communicated to everyone working on the brand's social media. From the networks you're on, to the content you produce, it all needs to ladder back up to helping you achieve those metrics. 

To see all the trends, check out the presentation below. And don't forget to let us know what you think, and what other trends or predictions you have, in the comments!