Pinterest Check-Up: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Woman Holding Pins

By Amanda DiAntonio

By now most marketers know how beneficial Pinterest can be to their social media marketing efforts. This also means that most marketers have realized how difficult it is to maintain an innovative and active Pinterest page. A recent study from Millward Brown found that most Pinners have bought something because of Pinterest. As the network continues to grow and become increasingly brand-friendly, it’s important to make sure your Pinterest page and strategy are up to par.

1.      What’s Working?

If you have been on Pinterest for a while, you may start to see patterns that indicate which types of content are working for your brand and which are not. Investing time and resources into content that isn’t being seen or shared can be a costly mistake. While you are assessing the quality and performance of your content, also be sure to consider the next question… 

2.      Are You Using Analytics?

Though Pinterest Analytics are still far from the likes of Facebook, they are becoming increasingly more useful and user-friendly. When assessing your content, analytics will tell you not only how many re-pins, likes, and comments a post received, but also how many clicks — determine which of these metrics are the most important to your business (though often times on Pinterest, these go hand in hand) and take a good hard look at your results.

Before asking yourself the third question, it’s important to determine whether Pinterest is the right network for your brand. If you find that users are not engaging with your content, your follower count is not growing, and you don’t have the resources to invest, it may be best to focus on your other marketing efforts for the time being.

3.      Do You Have an Advertising Strategy?

Pinterest is working hard to build up advertising revenue which has resulted in new ad formats and improved targeting options. Once you have established a relatively successful Pinterest presence, advertising may be the next step in your strategy. As Pinterest stated in their blog, the path of Promoted Pins is simple: Awareness > Intent > Action. Start by doing some research on Promoted Pins to determine which offering is best for you and which fits into your budget or defer to one of Pinterest’s recently announced Marketing Developer Partners (MDP).

As Pinterest continues to grow, it is imperative that brands continue to improve their standards and update their strategies to match. Make sure your brand’s content is seen and shared in the feed, not buried by it. 

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