5 Ways to Enhance Your Brand's Instagram

By Danielle Eckert

A picture is worth a thousand words, or in our modern day, a thousand likes. Brands are consistently bringing the best of the best to their Instagram pages. Brands with effective and engaging Instagram pages can make themselves extremely influential on social media. They can gain customer insight through hashtags and likes, while also connecting them to their customers on a more personal level.

Keep your brand's Instagram presence relevant and engaging. Here are five ways to keep followers coming back for more. 

Keep your photos consistent.

Every brand has a brand guideline book out there. Part of this brand guideline book should include photography. This should include everything from Ads on Facebook to Instagram. By keeping your photos consistent, you create a pattern that your viewers will easily pick up on. Use similar backdrops and colors, and try similar lighting and treatments.

Schedule, schedule, schedule!

The best times to post to Instagram, according to Latergramme, are 2am and 5pm EST. If you post any time between 9am and 6pm, your post will not get as much engagement. In my personal experience, I find that posting first thing in the morning, around 7am, is also very effective. I know I’m not the only one who wakes up and instantly surfs the Gram. Along with posting at peak viewing times, stay relevant and post real time content. Holidays are fun to celebrate!

Use hashtags and geotagging.

Using hashtags is an effective way to get people to look at your media who aren't already in touch with your brand. Let's use the hashtag "#padthai" for example. The hashtag #padthai has 269,882 publicly tagged photos! Geotagging is also great for certain brands. Do you want people to know where you purchased something? Where your offices or next live demonstration is? Geotag away!

Run giveaways and contests.

Giveaways and contests are a nice way to say "thank you" to your followers. As well as thanking them, they like to share these giveaways with their friends, thus sharing the word of your brand. Repost contests are also a great practice for brands. UG campaigns are also great, and will give your brand the availability of using organic content.


Engaging with your followers is not only important, but it's also fun! Talk to your followers like you are their friend, you understand the longing for a lobster roll. This gives your brand an inviting voice and also reminds people that there is someone behind the social media, not a bot.

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