5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Visual Branding

By Jessi Chang

Social media plays an important role in building your brand's online presence. It gives you the opportunity to be part of the online community so you can grow your community offline as well. In order to stand out from all the other brands on social media, you will need strong a visual presence. If your visual presentation does not reflect your brand values or message, then it will lead to inconsistencies in your communication. Here are five simple ways to improve your visual branding on social media.

1. Image

Determine what kind of images are best for your brand, whether they are illustrations, custom photography, or stock photography. For example, lifestyle brands like GoPro tend to use mostly photography, while food brands like McDonald’s are likely to use a combination of illustrations and photography.


2. Color

A consistent color palette helps your audience identify your brand with the color. Ideally, you should have one color as the “hero” and one or two secondary colors. You will be using these colors across all your pages, images and text. Just make sure to use your colors tastefully. You don’t want your audience to be blinded by them.



3. Typeface and Type Usage

Your brand should also have a set of fonts that matches your brand’s personality. You should use two to three fonts. Each font will be used for the three main hierarchies: the header, the sub header and the body paragraph. Your header font should be the largest with the most personality, while the sub header and the body fonts should be smaller, legible and simple.



4. The Logo

Your logo is the face of your brand. The color and placement should be consistent throughout all the images you create. Depending on which social media platform you're on, the logo should be on most of your content and, most importantly, your profile image. But this rule does not apply to everything: If the image contains a product with your logo already on it, then you don’t need a logo on the image. It gets redundant and your audience may feel overwhelmed.

Another scenario is when you are posting an image on Instagram. A lot of brands are on Instagram but you'll notice that you hardly see their logo on the bottom right corner of the image. The reason is that including the logo makes the images look like ads rather than a story or beautiful photography.


5. Layouts

Different social media platforms require different image dimensions. Make sure you are aware of the specific dimensions, and keep the image, typography and style consistent across all designs.


And lastly, get creative!

Use these five simple tips to keep a consistency throughout your brand’s visual branding. Now go create fresh and innovative content.

What are your tips for improving visual branding on social media?