What You Need to Know About Facebook's Relevancy Score

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By Chris Talamo

Facebook’s relevancy score is a fairly new statistic for determining ad performance. What determines this metric can be a little unclear. 

Below are three ways to easily understand and explain the Facebook relevancy score.

How It's Determined 

Facebook doesn’t provide your ad with a relevancy score until the ad has been served at least 500 times. After this point, Facebook determines how well your ad is doing based off of the positive and negative feedback it has received. Positive and negative feedback is simply determined by the amount of engagement on the ad. For example, it's negative if people are hiding your ad and positive if they are liking and sharing it. It’s as simple as that!

Keeping It Relevant 

There are a number of ways to improve your ad's relevancy score or ensure your ads are relevant before you even get started. Avoid being general with your targeting. Choosing a specific target that aligns with your copy and creative will likely get you a higher score than serving ads to a broad audience. Serving to a large audience runs the risk of the ad being shown to people who may not be interested, so you should layer targets!

If your ad has been running for a while and the score is low it means the ad is probably not being served and other ads are winning. It’s time to refresh the creative or perhaps even choose a new audience. Staying on top of your ads is key, so watch them, refresh them, and stay relevant. Watching this score is a great way to stay ahead of the game and make sure you or your client is getting the most out of their content.

What It Tells You

At its core, Facebook’s relevancy score is really just another indicator to determine whether or not you’re serving the right ad to the right people based on a scale from one to ten. If your score is high, then Facebook chooses to serve your ad over ads with lower scores targeting the same audience; therefore, you can save money by maintaining relevance.

Facebook ads are ubiquitous, but they don’t have to also be annoying. Facebook is hoping to encourage and help advertisers show posts only to people likely to care about the content. In other words, Facebook wants ads shown to be relevant to their user-base. Your main priority should still be to achieve your desired results, be it web traffic, sales, engagement, or whatever else. Facebook's relevancy score is simply another way to peripherally determine how well your ad may perform in the future. 

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