Why More Men Are Using Pinterest Than Ever Before

Men on Pinterest

By Corey Smock

The dichotomy on Pinterest is changing. The male user base on Pinterest more than doubled last year, and sign ups are already trending higher in 2015. But what explains the sudden testosterone boost? With the ability to conduct more relevant searches, make quick purchases, and follow other like-minded men, it’s no wonder men are flocking to the platform!

Below are the most compelling reasons for the influx of male Pinterest users.

You’re In Good Company

Pinterest reported that it saw a 73% increase in male users year-over-year in 2014. That number is actually outpacing Pinterest growth as a whole. In fact, one third of all Pinterest sign ups are men. 

Another interesting find is that in some areas of the world, including Korea, India and Japan, the Pinterest male to female ratio is almost fifty-fifty. 

Smarter Search Capabilities

Pinterest recently changed the way its guided search function works; it now generates more gender-specific search results. When you search for hats, you are no longer overwhelmed with only woman’s products. Pinterest recognizes that you will most likely want to see products that other males have pinned in the past, making your user experience more relevant, and the hats you see more manly.

You Can Easily Make Purchases

One very distinguishable behavior difference between men and women on Pinterest is the way they shop. Edison Research recently conducted a study that showed that men primarily pin products because they intend to purchase them, whereas woman pin products as more of a wish list. (PRO TIP: Get great gift ideas by looking at the Pinterest boards of friends and family!) According to the same study, women tend to use Pinterest to get ideas or inspiration on certain subjects, whereas men tend to use it as a personal journal or an inventory of things they currently own.

It’s Still Visual

Like most social media users, men tend to have short attention spans. Looking at eye-catching images on Pinterest can seem more appealing than reading those pesky text only Tweets and Facebook posts.

It’s no question that we will continue to see an increase in male users on Pinterest. Right now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of an early trend and capitalize on the male demographic. You may want to think about shifting your Pinterest marketing strategy to accommodate the male user. You can do this by creating male-oriented boards or promoting pins with men in mind!

How are you using Pinterest to market to men?