3 Quick Things About Instagram's New Photo Formats

Smartphone Photo of Food

By Erin Minty

Instagram made headlines today when it announced that it was making a major change to the way photos are uploaded on the app. Introducing new photo formats: landscape and portrait. The square photographs have always been an instantly recognizable feature of Instagram, but now the app is open to new kinds of visuals.

There are Two New Formats

Move over squares, there’s a new favorite format. The company announced that the app’s new features allow users to upload their content full-sized in either landscape or portrait format (as well as the original square). You’ll now see a “format” button above the camera roll in the app when you upload a photo or video.

It’s Good for Users

Instagram said that nearly one in five pictures currently posted to the app is not in square format. Apps like Squareready have been attempting to fix this problem for a while, but having the built-in ability to tailor formatting to an individual picture will make the app much easier to use.

It’s Great for Video

With the addition of landscape orientation, videos can now stream in widescreen. This allows both users and brands to be more creative and cinematic in their video uploads. Without the previously enforced cropping, a whole new world of video is now available to Instagram.


What do you think about the new Instagram image formats? Share your ideas below!