What Belongs in Every Social Media Report

By Charlie Balk

Every marketer struggles with what should and shouldn't go into a report. This is especially the case with social media marketing, where there isn't quite as much institutional wisdom that helps guide strategy. Below is a list of what every social media marketer should be looking at in a report each month.

Overall Performance

Every report should begin by looking back at the yearly or quarterly goals and comparing how this month stacked up. This helps to track progress and ensures that numbers are trending in the right direction. It also helps keep any goals in the forefront of a viewer's mind.


Follower growth may not be the most important measurement of success, but it is the most public. What's more, on most networks your community size will affect potential organic reach. This should be tracked monthly. If it slows down, be sure to look at why.

Engagement Levels

Followers are great, but they are also useless if they're not engaging with your content. There are several ways to look at engagement: total engagements, engagement rate, or cost per engagement. Whatever metric you're using, make sure to track constantly and look at what types of content benefits engagement.

Web Traffic

Not all marketing efforts are designed to drive traffic to a website, blog or online store, but most are. Always keep a close eye on both your traffic numbers and, if media spends are involved, your cost per website click. 

Ad Recap

Social media has become pay to play. It's incredibly difficult to drive ROI without putting some media spend behind your content. Facebook's organic reach is at all time lows and Instagram and Twitter aren't far behind in their advertising capabilities. 

Content Analysis

As useful as quantitative analysis is, there should be a qualitative component to reporting as well. Top posts should be analyzed to determine patterns, as should bottom performing posts. Without looking at individual posts, it's difficult to determine which posts truly resonate with your audience.


Throughout the report, marketers must glean insights and learnings. This is the "why" behind the numbers. Any outlier should have some insight tied to it. 


Once you have collected your insights, you can decide how this will affect future strategy. Instituting changes based on learnings is the reason to compile reports, so this section is essential to your social media success.

These are the 8 key components to every social media report. Share if you agree!