3 Keys to Brand Success on Tumblr


By Emma Chainani

Starting a new year means new opportunities for brands. However, these opportunities don’t necessarily need to be new.

Tumblr is a well-known social media platform that is heavily used by micro-bloggers each day. With more than 200 million blogs and almost 70 million posts per day, the platform poses a great opportunity for brands.

Tumblr users have created a unique community on this platform, and are welcoming to brands. To be a successful brand on Tumblr, it's important to pay attention to the community.

Here is a simple guide to achieving that.

1. Creative Content is Key

If you want any presence on Tumblr, you need to be creative. Custom images, GIFs and video work best. 

The Tumblr community is adamant about sharing all three forms of custom creative, and they have nifty ways of doing so.

With the growth of video in the last year, Tumblr created a way for users to scroll while watching. The user can simply choose to have the video pop out and be available on the side while they look at other content.

GIFs are also a great way to illustrate your content. The Tumblr community is all about GIFs. Well-known American diner Denny’s has captured how far a GIF can go. It creates ridiculous GIFs that are unrealistic, but which resonate within the Tumblr audience. 

2. Vary Up Your Content

Part of understanding how to exist on Tumblr is knowing what type of content to post. Given that Tumblr is a personal micro-blogging site, brands should host a mix of custom and shared content on their blogs.

This method conveys a brand's more personal feeling and showcases the content its fans produce. A good ratio for brands to follow is: for every two custom posts, reblog (share) one user post

3. Promote Your Custom Content

Tumblr’s sponsored posts work wonders for brands. A majority of promoted content gets over 10,000 reblogs.

This number not only gets content seen but also increases its longevity. Studies show that 29% of reblogs come from posts originally published thirty days prior. That number guarantees stellar results for custom content. 


Do you have any other keys to success? Please share in the comments below!