One Way To Always Get Noticed Using Social Media


By Brian Murray

There is one surefire way to almost always be noticed and leave an impact on social media. The best part is how often this technique goes overlooked. Whether your target is a hiring manager, a celebrity or a business prospect, this will work almost every time (the one caveat being huge celebrities like Taylor Swift).

The quote that made me realize the strength of this technique comes from Jane Fonda’s often-attributed saying: “It is more important to be interested than interesting.” All you need to do is listen.

The only thing people like more than talking is finding someone who will listen. Many times people simply spew what's on their mind or what they’ve come across on the internet. Using social media is now like using a megaphone at a rock concert. Most people think by speaking louder or more often, they’ll be heard — but in reality, the opposite is true. Today to be noticed, all you need to do is listen and engage. 

A few weeks back, I was visiting Disney World with my wife and mother. We were celebrating my mother’s birthday and did what anybody else in that situation would do: We took a selfie.

I shared it on Instagram with a few hashtags and the location. I forgot about it until later that night when I received a notification that Walt Disney World "liked" my photo.

My heart fluttered. I don’t even know why! Thinking back on it, I don’t remember their content or ads, but I do remember the moment when I was sitting on my couch and they double-tapped my photo. This one "like" felt so much cooler than my other 27.

So how does this apply to you, your work and your brand? Consider this lesson the next time you want to be noticed and leave a lasting impact on a person via social.

Looking to be noticed by a hiring manager? Like something they’ve shared on LinkedIn. Want to bring a customer back to your hotel or restaurant? Search for people who’ve shared your location on Instagram and like it.

These little moments will hopefully cause their hearts to flutter like mine did.

They’ll notice you were listening.


Think this tip is useful? Go ahead and share it! I promise I will notice you were listening.