Facebook Video Comes to TV Streaming Near You

Facebook Video comes to TV streaming

By Shani Smotrich, Account Manager

Recently Facebook announced that videos on their network are now able to be streamed on Apple TV and Google Chromecast. Not only does this reinforce a strong shift in advertising medium, but it also helps to shed light on the habits of the growing majority of everyday consumers. 

As younger audiences are turning to social for their entertainment, the TV industry is seeing a decline in traditional consumption. Facebook Live, streaming websites, and YouTube are just some of the ways younger audiences are consuming video. A Business Insider article covering a report on the shifting environment of television, mentions that it’s “strikingly evident that more consumers are shifting their media time away from live TV, while opting for services that allow them to watch what they want, when they want.” 

What does this shift in consumption mean for your brand?

Content is key and video is the master.

 Brands should make a strong investment in their video content.  Now that Facebook videos are becoming more mainstream, high-quality video production is becoming more of a necessity. 

There is an ever-shifting landscape and a blurring of lines between television and social. 

Because the lines are less strict between traditional television and social video, brands will need to shift their content strategy to appeal to several audiences at once. As the lines in advertisement content type blur, the lines for specific audiences will begin to blur as well. 

Traditional advertising spend and content investment should continue to balance more between social video and traditional television.

Social has an ever-growing landscape and is merging with more traditional spaces. Brands should not underestimate the continued shift and should invest more heavily on social networks, as well as on the newer channels such as Snapchat, since they are heavily intertwined with video and real-time content.

What are some of your favorite Facebook videos you plan on streaming? Let us know in the comments below!