It’s Not You, It’s Us: Pinterest for Business Edition

Pinterest for Business

By Maggie Burke, Content Strategist

Since Pinterest’s launch in March of 2010, individuals have been turning to it for fashion trends they’ll swear to follow, recipes they’ll promise to make, and workouts they’ll typically try once and deem far too hard to try again (the recipe they’re going to make that night from their other board is healthy anyway). If you work in New York City, like those of us at Likeable Media, you also owe a lot to Pinterest because it is one of the key ways we avoid human eye contact on the subway at 8 AM. 

All jokes aside, it’s clear that Pinterest has continued its success as one of the leading social media platforms in the digital space. With over 100,000,000 active monthly users, it continues to be a leading tool for website traffic. So why aren’t more businesses capitalizing on it? My guess is one or more of the following:

  • They believe that Pinterest, with an audience that is 80% female, might not capture the attention of their consumers.
  • They believe their brand isn’t the right fit for Pinterest. 
  • They don’t have an accurate depiction of what Pinterest's ad offerings.
  • They believe there are no targeting capabilities to get their content in front of the right audiences. 

Well boy, do I have some great news for you, social media marketers! Pinterest has done some really great soul searching over the years, and I think they’ve finally found themselves. It’s true that females rule over Pinterest, with U.S. female consumers driving 70-80% of all consumer purchasing for themselves or families. Here are some other shocking facts that you may want to jot down for your next big quarterly social discussions:

  • The average Pinterest user stays on the platform for 15 minutes, which is practically unheard of in advertising today due to short attention spans. 
  • Pinterest is the 2nd largest search tool on the internet. Better yet? You can target people based on the interests they look for on the platform. 
  • Speaking of ads, 67% of pinners say the new video ads (only available to select businesses now – but stay tuned) have inspired them to take action.
  • After saving your content to one of their boards, consumers are 2.2X more likely to make a purchase within 30 days of interacting with the pin. 
  • Businesses typically see a 100% lift in their website traffic after launching their first Pinterest campaign. 

That’s just to name a few of the benefits! Don’t be afraid to gather your team together and explore all of your options. A creative campaign on Pinterest can tap into audiences you may have never realized you had. Unsure where to start? Contact our team and we’ll help you pin for the win.