Photos for Video – The Best Medium for Your Brand

Photos for Video - The Best Medium For Your Brand 

By Colin Marchon, Videographer and Editor

As our culture becomes more and more visual, brand communication is relying more heavily on video like never before.  While 24 frames per second video seems like the default choice, non-live action content provides a more versatile cost-effective alternative to traditional commercial methods.  From simple slides to complex animation, here are four common types of media to create videos frame-by-frame.  

Photo Slideshow

Photos for Video: Photo Slideshow

Photo slideshows are the easiest way to create video content in a pinch, though they can be elevated with custom photography or motion graphics. Whether they’re simple compilations of existing assets to jump on a timely trend or a collection of stills from a photo shoot, slideshows are quick to put together and don’t require much skill. 

Photo Timelapse

Photos for Video: Photo Timelapse

While slideshows are easy to make, they can be boring and lack a dynamic quality. Photo timelapses rival the slideshow in ease of production yet create videos that are greater than the sum of their frames. They’re great for elevating what would otherwise be photography, without the need for complex animation chops or human talent. 


Photo for Video: Pixelation

Pixilation is a little-known animation term that you’ve probably seen exhibited in many different forms commercially. It’s traditionally defined as the manipulation of human talent as you would with characters in an animation. However, it can be applied to any use of real-life actors in a moving photo. Pixilation is a great alternative to live action because you can create a real-life situation with much greater control over pacing and performance in postproduction. While animation abilities aren’t needed to create a pixilation, they can really help create smoother, more believable motion.


Stop-Motion by PES

Stop-Motion by PES

Stop-motion animation is an incredibly fun and versatile medium for making short-form commercial content without the need for human talent. While they’re filled with possibility, they do require some basic animation knowledge to pull off. Stop-motion is a great medium for giving life to products or seasonal decorations.

Photo-based video is a great way to bring more control and artistry to branded multimedia content. There’s no norm, and the range of scope for projects is immense. If it’s relevant to a brand, it can be an incredible tool.