Facebook Live: 3 Things I Wish Someone Told Me

iPhone in hand

By Jessica Chen, Account Manager

You have undoubtedly seen much activity about Facebook Live, the platform’s recently added live-streaming capability. With the touch of a button, Live lets you broadcast to followers, allowing brands to connect and engage with users in an innovative, real-time manner.

Want to try Facebook Live for your business but don’t know where to start? Here are three things I wish someone had told me before my first Facebook Live stream:

1. Manage Audience Expectations

If you aren’t using wi-fi for the stream, remember that internet service is a fickle thing and may cut out or lag despite your best efforts and countless tests. Consider incorporating a disclaimer in your stream’s post copy warning viewers that due to connectivity issues, the video may occasionally cut out, but will resume shortly thereafter.

2. Prepare for Feedback

Users are now able to provide feedback in real-time as well. In addition to commenting, viewers can click on the six emoji reaction buttons. Asking users questions is a great way to engage with your followers watching the stream, but be forewarned that choosing another option may result in negative reactions. Ask people to engage, but know that if you choose something different from their recommendation, they may send an “Angry” reaction your way.

3. Have Support on Standby

When your page is live, you cannot post responses to comments from the brand, you can only speak to the comment in the broadcast itself or “like” the comment from the page (sorry, community managers!). What greatly helped me was asking my team and friends to watch and offer support from their personal pages. Their comments boosted engagement during slower moments of the stream and seeing their names helped me feel supported as we broadcasted.

There are many other resources to help you get started, such as these articles from Social Media Examiner or Mashable.


Likeable Media is a social media agency that is smart, fast, and likeable. What tips do you wish someone had shared with you before your first Facebook Live stream? Share in the comments below!