Instagram Live and Direct Updates


On Monday, Instagram rolled out two global updates that will affect brands. 

  1. Instagram will now have a Live feature. (The brand had previously confirmed this was coming but did not divulge specifics.)
  2. Users can now send disappearing photos and videos in the Instagram Direct messaging platform.

Why This Matters for Social Media

Social media is increasingly shifting towards “in-the-moment” storytelling.

Instagram Stories launched in August, and now 100 million people use it daily. Instagram has 300 million people using Direct at least once per month. Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, is hopeful these new features will have equal popularity.

Why This Matters for Brands

Brands have the opportunity to rethink their event success beyond number of in-person attendees. Live video provides the chance to hyper-engage your audience around an exciting concept, launch, or event.

Disappearing photo and video will be harder for brands to join in. The feature is obviously meant to take out Snapchat, a network where users feel less pressure to produce the “perfect” photo or video, since the content will soon disappear anyway.

Learn more about the updates from Instagram’s official blog post