Scheduling Your Podcast: 3 Things to Remember

scheduling your podcast

By Jo Hague, Executive Assistant to CEO, Carrie Kerpen

A consistent schedule is a fundamental aspect in ensuring the future success of your podcast. To make your podcast come to life, follow the golden rule: Create a plan and stick to it. Remember these three things as you go.

Develop a Strategy

Creating relevant material on a regular basis is important to keep your audience engaged, so decide how often you want to publish a new podcast. Weekly podcast listeners consume five shows per week on average. This makes sense, as most of us work five days per week and listen to shows during our commutes (or at the gym after). This means you should aim to release 1 podcast per week so you can take the lead on one of those days. It’s also the easiest way to maintain consistency.

Think About Your Content

Have a plan for each show. Not knowing what you’ll be discussing on each episode doesn’t create an engaging experience for the audience and it’s no fun for you. It’s up to you to decide whether to stick to a format for every show or come up with a fresh approach each week. Whatever the approach, keep to it.

Be Time Savvy

If you stick to a recording routine, your audience will more likely stick to a listening routine. Be accountable and manage your time effectively. Record your show on the same day every week so that you can release it on the same day every week. Over holiday periods, record multiple shows to time release. Again, the consistency is key to setting an expectation that you can maintain. 

What are your tips for scheduling a podcast? Share in the comments below.