Using Drafts to Maintain Instagram

Instagram Draft

By Jenn Burgess, Junior Art Director

One of my best kept Instagram secrets is the “Instagram Drafts” album secretly hidden in the photos section of my iPhone. In the past, it would hold all photos I wanted to share on the social media platform until I was ready to push them live. This would allow me to appropriately art direct my feed — I had the time to draft a few caption options. Now, this album dates back almost three years, and holds some of my most precious shots.

Flash-forward to September of this year when Instagram launched the “Save Draft” feature.

For the “I’m-going-to-curate-my-Instagram-profile-on-a-high-level” users (like myself) and Community Managers across the globe, has been a huge improvement to the overall experience on the platform.

“I do think Instagram Drafts has a lot of potential,” said Emma Chainani, a community manager here at Likeable Media. “Who knows, maybe this is Instagram's first step towards real scheduling. Right now, you can schedule posts, but I still need to actually push it live when it's time. I'm curious to see what they do with drafts.”

Right now, this new option allows users to add the standard effects, filters, tags, captions, and location to a photo and then choose to post the image in real-time or save it for later. Just tap the back arrow at the top left of the screen and the “Save Draft” button will appear.

When you’re ready to return to your handy work and share it, simply tap the camera icon. In the “Library” folder, all of your drafts will appear at the bottom in the designated “Drafts” section. It’s easy as pie!

Since the rollout, the feature has proven successful for those who manage multiple accounts or oversee a professional page and need to queue several posts at once.

That’s not to say that I still don’t regularly use my “Instagram Drafts” album, but this new feature handles most of the legwork in the entire process. In other words, I only have to edit the photo and type the caption once!

Is scheduling the next step Instagram will take to strengthen their platform? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!